I love this time of year, don’t you?!  For most of my friends in  our little Army World, this means that we MAY get to see our family soon.  This MAY be the first time they’ve seen their family in months, or even a year or more.  Ahhhh, the HOLIDAYS.  I count it joy that we’ve been stationed within driving distance from our family the past 9 years.  For the five of us, the anticipation of seeing our parents, grand-parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins builds for months!

nashville skyline

Nashville Skyline makes me all nostalgic.

The hometown visits for military families are magical.  I personally cry ugly tears every time we drive by the Nashville skyline.  My heart swells when I hear the word Tennessee. I look forward to seeing family, friends and even random meetups with Facebook-friends-who-really-aren’t-real-friends-but-you-could-be-real-friends if you were able to ever spend time together.  Along with the anticipation comes quite a bit of stress, logistically.  How to fit in everything and everyone?  You always go in with great intentions of doing it ALL, then life happens. Before you know it, you’ve got a friend or a family member that is salty with you, because you never made it over to their house to see them.

If you have a friend that’s a military spouse and she’s blessed enough to visit HOME, I have just one request of you.  Please don’t ask them “When are you going to come see me?”.  Instead, see the opportunity you have to show your friend that they matter to you. Take a bit of initiative…be the friend that we military spouses so desperately need.  I think I can speak for all military spouses when I say we completely treasure the friend we’ve known since childhood. She may not “get” what our life is like, but can understand that even though you don’t talk all the time- your friendship is still important.

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Go See Her When She Visits Home:

1. Because she just drove 10 hours with 3 kids and a LOADED van.
I had to start with this one.  I even considered starting with #5, but I know we get distracted and needed to make sure you saw this one first.  I’m giving a slow clap right now.  Raising my hands, yelling “Hallelujah!”.

She already DID the hard part!  She came to the exact same city you reside! All you have to do, is shoot her a text, ask her when she’ll be home and drive across town.  DONE.  She gets to see her friend, catch up and she doesn’t have to take her eyes off her Momma that she hasn’t seen in 6 months to do it.  You’re friend of the century!

Honestly, I’m blessed to have a few good friends who absolutely get this and drive over an hour to come see me.  Because of that, there are many times where I go to see them, even though that means hours in the car round trip.  I also have friends who live 10 minutes away who shoot me a text with “I’m leaving Kroger and just want to stop by and give you a hug… are you home?”.  YES.  They are truly the best!

2. Because this is her VACATION.
While many of our friends pack up and go on fun family vacations, most of the time we have to choose… should we see our family?  Or go to Disney World?  Although we might go to Disney or get a REAL family vacation every now and then, most often we choose family.

3. She wants to enjoy actually having help with the kids.
I don’t need to go outside my parents home to enjoy the fact that I have help!  I get to sleep in, wake up to breakfast being made for me, someone changes the baby’s diaper before I can even get up- it’s AWESOME.  But guess what?  This tired Mom loves and longs to enjoy that in sweats on the couch, curled up and getting lost in that book that I’ve been trying to read since January.  Sure there are days that I’ve planned to be out and about!  But I’d love you so much more if you just came over to hang, without me having to put over a long shirt over my leggings.  Oh, cause I’m wearing leggings!

4. Because we both know you’ll never make it to Fort Something-or-Other to see her.
Thank goodness I have children and my parents adore them!  Getting family and friends to come visit us is NOT an easy task.  I get it… when you go on vacation, you aren’t thinking Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I know your struggle, see No. 2.  Since you’re not coming on my little piece of ‘Murica, you might as well drive 15 minutes to come see me when I’m there!

5. Because there’s only one of me.
Between family, trying to sneak a date or two with my husband without having to pay someone and not wanting to leave the coziness of my Momma’s house; there’s not as much time as you’d think.  I’d dance like Elaine from Seinfeld and post it on YouTube if my friends just told me to show up to ONE place and all my favorites were there!  Yes, it’s great that I get to see everyone at once, but it’s more. It’s a sign that you get it… you understand.. and I mean enough to you that you tried.

In the end, I think that’s what all military spouses want when it comes to friendships from our hometown peeps.  For you to just TRY.  Realizing that if I don’t get to see you this time, there’s no love lost, time just wasn’t on our side.  But, no matter how far we go…when we have the choice between Disney and Home, Home will almost always win out.  That means we’ll have another chance, Lord-willing, to see each other next time.  And I can’t wait to give you that hug!

Kia Young



Kia Young is probably at this very moment driving one of her 3 kids to school, an appointment, sports or some other social activity. In between being a professional chauffeur that gets paid in kisses, hugs and good grades; she’s a military spouse and small business owner. Her main life goal is to raise happy, kind children who contribute greatly to society and the Kingdom of Heaven. And to publish a book that sells more than 100 copies.
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