I’m super proud of me today.  I don’t Pinterest much (because I get on there and the crafts scare me away); but sometimes I’m on there and fall into the deep hole of FOOD.   I actually came across this recipe on Facebook, but still- I “saved” it and ACTUALLY MADE IT.  Can I officially call myself a DIY’er?  I think this might be the closest I ever get.

Like I mentioned, I came across the recipe from Kevin & Amanda for their “Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls” and thought… who needs a party to make THOSE happen?  Not me.  I made them for dinner.  I had Veggie Rigatoni left over from yesterday that I made into Pasta Salad and Voila`.  Dinner in less than 30 minutes.

Verdict:  TOTAL WIN.

Win for simplicity, win for being fun and different from what I normally serve for dinner (especially on a Sunday).  The only thing that wasn’t a WIN, was the fact that there are no leftovers.  Thank goodness for a Meal Plan that’s already done for the week. Boo, for having to actually cook tomorrow.

Here are Kevin & Amanda’s:

Kevin & Amanda's Hot Ham & Cheese.

Kevin & Amanda’s Hot Ham & Cheese.

Here’s mine:

My Hot Ham & Cheese Rolls. Why didn't I think to take a bite out of mine for presentation? Duly noted, Kevin & Amanda.

My Hot Ham & Cheese Rolls. Why didn’t I think to take a bite out of mine for presentation? Duly noted, Kevin & Amanda.

I followed their recipe, with only a few variations.  I thought I had Worcestershire, but did not. So, I substituted Balsamic Vinegar with the Worcestershire Sauce.  Also, when I looked in my pantry, I DID have Poppy Seeds.  But the date on them was May 2015.  Major Fail.  The sauce was AMAZING with the vinegar, and only gave it a very slight twang.  Not overpowering at all!  I didn’t miss the Poppy Seeds, although they would have made the presentation better.

I plan on adding this to my older kids lunch rotations (they can bring hot food for lunch at their schools).  Also, I can totally see taking these to a potluck, or party.  You can make them before hand and let refrigerate… and (with permission) bake them at a friend’s house.  PLEASE, make sure you ask…they might have a full oven already.  Also, you can be the Friend of the Year to a new mom, for being the person that doesn’t bring Italian or Chicken of some kind.

Like I said, TOTAL WIN.




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