When I first started this blog, my entire thought process was for it to be collaborative.  What good is it for just one person to share her voice?  I want to encourage women everywhere to share their voices about whatever is close to her heart.  This is our first “FEARLESS FRIDAY” Series post, and you may be thinking, “What’s fearless about Adult Coloring?”.  Well, the FEARLESS part of this post is actually referring to my friend and guest blogger, Rhonda Peterson.

Rhonda and I met when we both lived in Florida, and funny enough, both moved to North Carolina within a few months of each other.  She has a lot of goals, is a mother and student, in addition to being a great, supportive wife and friend.  When I shared that I’ve been working on my book, she was so encouraging and shared that she can’t wait until she’s ready to start on her own.  So OF COURSE, I wanted her to start with my little old blog, and share HER voice.  I love that she chose a topic that happens to me an obsession of mine as well- Adult Coloring.  She’s the brilliant mind that actually named this series: Fearless Friday!

Rhonda, I am SO proud of you for writing and sharing YOUR voice today!  CHEERS to you!


Adult Coloring Books: My New Obsession!
By Rhonda Peterson, M.A

This is the book that I’m working my way through now! Courtesy of Color Me Happy: 100 Coloring Templates That Will Make You Smile by Lacy Mucklow, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT, LCPAT

Ever feel like you are a living character of famous author Lysa Teurkerst’s “Unglued”? Well, I certainly get to that point on any given day. Frustrations of life are just sometimes too much to deal with in the most graceful way. Adulting can be pretty hard some days. I pray, exercise, and “take ten”. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work (immediately). Recently, I found a very good alternative (or addition) to my ‘go to’ calming, peace keeping, joy bringing, pick me up routine in the bookstore a few months ago. I had seen and heard of the benefits of adult coloring but thought, “It cannot be that therapeutic”. But I am here to tell you, this is just wonderful! I take the opportunity to color while listening to music (my other favorite form of therapy). It is also a great activity to do with the kids. My babies are amazed at my coloring skills and it seems to motivate my 5 year old to ensure that her coloring is as neat as possible. I feel relaxed and even joyful after a good coloring session.

I would definitely recommend adult coloring as a means of personal therapy, me time, and just plain old fun. If you are anything like me and you like to see your work come to fruition, it also provides a sense of accomplishment (even little accomplishments are accomplishments). I am no artist, so the idea of creating something beautiful by simply staying in the lines makes me feel like a junior Picasso!

My Current Coloring Project!

My Current Coloring Project!

Intrigued yet? There are several different resources for purchasing your adult coloring book. They are at Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. The cost depends on the size and place that you purchase it. I have seen them from $4.99 to $16.99 and up. Budget tip: You can find coloring pages online as well, here are some I found with a quick Pinterest search. Adding to that, there are many different types of adult coloring books. My current coloring book is meant to color me happy but there are others that speak to specific end goals such as anxiety relief, calming effects, etc. In addition, my coloring book has tips that tell you the effects of using certain colors. For example, using cool colors have calming effects and using bright colors give energy. I am seriously excited about this new method of obtaining peace, joy in adulthood (can you tell?)! To top it off, this new hobby can even be something to help you make friends or have girlfriend time. I recently saw an event in my local area for an adult coloring party! Do not sleep on this new, trendy way to relieve some stress and have fun! If you are already coloring yourself to stress free, happy, fun, etc., feel free to share your photos in the comments.

Editor’s Note: If you’re local to Fayetteville, North Carolina- check out one of my FAVORITE, FAVORITE stores downtown- Pressed- A Creative Space.  The author mentioned Adult Coloring Parties and this is the awesome store that holds them, quite often.  Ashley, the owner, has a HUGE supply of books, different coloring mediums from colored pencils, even watercolor pencils!  It’s a fantastic space and atmosphere.  I bring everyone that visits me to her store… it just makes me happy to walk in!  You can follow Pressed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by going directly to their website.  You can see all the workshops they have planned, including the Adult Coloring Parties.

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