I was in serious need of “Girlfriend Time”.  My group of friends has had our share of dinner drinks (well…) and direct sales home shows to last us a lifetime.  What else could we do?

PAINT, that’s what! And we can add wine?  EVEN BETTER!  After looking at a few options, we decided on Wine & Design; a little studio in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville.  Painting while drinking has become all the rage in recent years, so I was excited to finally give it a shot.  All in all, it’s an extremely FUN way to hang out with your friends, or even as a date night!

We planned ahead and registered online, once we decided which piece we wanted to paint.    Most wine + paint places require this, so if you’re debating about going, don’t forget this step!  The registration stresses that you should be there 10 minutes ahead of time, but I would say even earlier if you are going as a group, so you can sit together.  If you have a friend that is always late (ahem, Rhonda) tell them that it starts about 30 minutes earlier than it actually does.

Snacks and drinks are “BYO” (bring your own).  I brought a bottle of Riesling, as well as cheese, crackers, and fruit.  Next time, I probably will skip the snacks altogether.  My hands got paint on them, making eating while painting pretty difficult.  I figured it out, though because FOOD (I don’t miss a chance to eat and it was my favorite Havarti cheese so…).  Meeting up at a nearby restaurant for appetizers might be a better fit. Notice that I said I’d skip the snacks…but don’t skip the wine.  You’ll need it.

Our class started on time and our instructor was great, guiding us through the entire process.  Even though my friends and I came as a little group, it was truly a GROUP effort!  In just a couple of hours, we built a little community.  It was a full class, with couples on dates and a birthday party.  The entire class wasted no time bonding as we were laughing, joking and commiserating over our lack of painting skills, except for the aforementioned Rhonda.  She painted as if her middle name was Michelangela.  I’ve decided that is why she was late…at home practicing.

I didn’t leave with skills like Picasso, but we definitely left feeling proud of ourselves and all in agreement this was something we should do more often!

Wine & Design is located at 103 Donaldson Street, Fayetteville, NC, off of Hay Street. Costs range from $25-$35 and they also offer private events, Kids Camps and mobile events where they will come to you. There is good parking available right in front of the studio, as well as a public parking garage facing the studio.  Click HERE to see their painting schedule!  Be sure to tell them Kia Picasso sent you! 🙂

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