As a military wife, I’ve spent over 10 years “away”.  Away from family (both my husband & I are from the same town in Tennessee), away from friends (we move a lot) and away from each other (if he’s not deployed, he’s often in some type of school or training).  I love our life, but there are many moments of missing my family, friends, and husband.

Ask anyone who knows me what my Love Language is and they’ll tell you it’s food.  I know it’s not TECHNICALLY a love language, but I love cooking and LOVE to eat.   Couple my desire to feed ALLLLL the people I love really good food and the fact that I’m not around those people often and you’ll understand my dilemma.

Or at least… it was a dilemma until NOW.

Recently, I discovered a homemade meal delivery service that allows you to send a frozen homemade meal to your loved ones!  I KNOW, I didn’t believe it either at first, but it is legit!  “From Home With Love” is an online service where you can order complete kits that take all of the guesswork of how to get a meal to the ones you love.

This box gives you a unique way to keep loved ones close!

This box gives you a unique way to keep loved ones close!

I was pretty skeptical myself, but after getting the kit and reading the instructions, it’s actually pretty astonishing how well thought out and safe the system is!  The food container is BPA free, you get thermal packaging with several gel packs and fast delivery (2 days r less)!There’s even a system that alerts the recipient if the package went below safe temperature standards during shipping.

Well, friends, I feel like the clouds just parted!  There are SO many ways that we can use this service to bring family and friend closer!

  • Imagine being able to send your favorite soldier a slice of cake when he is TDY on your child’s birthday and having a Skype session with the entire family.
  • Imagine being able to send your best friend a homemade meal when her family member is in the hospital and she is at their bedside non-stop.
  • Imagine being able to send your sister your famous lasagna that she raves about, after she just delivered your new niece or nephew.
  • Imagine your Daddy sending you his famous mouth-watering ribs that you actually dream about because no one makes ribs like your Daddy.

Okay, that last one might be my personal fantasy, but you better believe I’m calling my Daddy and requesting his ribs for my birthday!

The kits include ABSOLUTELY everything you need to safely and successfully mail your homemade meal.

The kits include ABSOLUTELY everything you need to safely and successfully mail your homemade meal.

The kits come with step-by-step instructions and include everything you’ll need for packaging and shipping EXCEPT the meal itself (seriously, it comes with plastic utensils, a napkin, and a mint!).  You will freeze the meal (and your gel packs) for at least 24 hours before shipping, but the longer you freeze it the better.  Once you’re ready to ship it,  you go right to the website to schedule the pickup or save a few bucks by dropping it off yourself to authorized FedEx or UPS locations. Currently, you can ship anywhere in the USA, including Alaska & Hawaii.

I was really impressed by how simple the instructions were, how they’ve answered all your questions and how they have how-to videos on to help ease your mind that you are, in fact, packaging it correctly.

All packed up and ready to send to my sister!

All packed up and ready to send to my sister!

You want to know what makes this extra special?  This isn’t something that can be done on a whim.  Sure, it’s super simple to do, but It takes a little bit of planning- from ordering the kit to preparing and freezing the meal, then packaging and shipping.  Talk about creating a MEMORY!  The whole idea behind The Experience Life is participating in activities that MEAN something. It’s easy to run to a store and buy “stuff” for your loved ones, but it means so much to spend time and make memories with someone.  From Home, With Love allows us to create those same feelings even when we can’t be there in person. Let’s face it, with few exceptions do we need MORE stuff.  But, we all NEED love and can appreciate someone showing us they care.

You’re sending a meal, but you’re also sending the value that the recipient is worth the extra steps, the planning, and the time. That is what you are sending when you send a meal From Home, With Love.

** As a thank you for sharing about this service, I received a free kit.  As always, thoughts expressed in this post were all my own.**


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