Like most military families, when my husband came back from his deployment to Iraq, we took a few weeks and went to visit our family in Tennessee.  As always, there were a lot of people I wanted to see and things I wanted to do.  On the top of that list was to spend a day in Nashville with Glenn- just the two of us, with no agenda except tacos and going where ever our little hearts desired.

We were in Tennessee for 10 days and it took until a day or two before we left before we made it happen, but we finally got in our “Day Date”.  We both love trying out new restaurants and we tried two (I got my tacos!) while we were there that I’ll share about soon..but the HIGHLIGHT?  As we were walking around downtown we happened upon The Escape Game on 3rd Avenue.  It’s not often that we have several hours with no plans and no kids; so it was a no-brainer.  We were going in.


Glenn has wanted to go the Escape Room in the town we live, but we hadn’t made it a priority.  This was his chance! I, on the other hand, had a bit of anxiety.  I am a girl who avoids all horror movies and scary things.  What sealed my fate as an anti-horror girl can be traced to that one time when I volunteered with the Jaycees at Trail of Fears at Halloween.  I was a guide and was assured that because I had a handy dandy flashlight that the scary people would stay away from me.  My Dad, however, tipped off how scared I was to whom I’m convinced was the real life Jason Voorhees…and Jason came at me with a chainsaw.  In the woods.  In spite of me holding up my flashlight.  It was traumatic.

So, can you see why I imagined the Escape Room being something similar to the Saw movie trailers or The Purge in a room that you’re locked in and can’t get out? Irrational?  Maybe.  BUT YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS ONLY HOW YOU REACT.  I was willing to take one for the team and face my fears, though.  I’d mentally prepared myself to be scared out of my mind.

We walked in and the very chipper young girl at the counter informed us that since we didn’t have reservations that we could still play- we’d just have to choose a time as the current rooms were filled.  Because it was only the two of us, we would be placed with other couples.  She recommended the “Nashville” Challenge Room because it was our first time and was “easier” than others.  I, of course, asked her how scary it was going to be and she laughed.  Apparently, it’s nothing like Saw but I’m not the only person who’s asked this so I felt TOTALLY validated.  And still skeptical.

We took her advice and decided to do the “Nashville” challenge.  It wasn’t available for a couple of hours, so we signed up, paid and went to grab lunch. (Tip: You can register online; choosing your challenge and time.  This is probably your best bet- as you can see what each challenge entails, as well as a time that works for you.)

When we came back,  I made sure to use the restroom (in case this girl lied to me and it really was scary), we signed the liability forms (which doesn’t help calm someone who thinks this is a game of being chased by Michael Myers) and met our other team members.  We had a great couple on vacation and a Dad and son team who were exploring Nashville while Dad was on a business trip on our team.  The 6 of us were led to the back by “Zee” a very exuberant young man who you could tell had a lot of fun with this job.

Zee explained EVERYTHING to us, without giving anything away.  We had 60 minutes to find clues, solve puzzles and work together as a team to solve the challenge that would allow us to “escape” from the room.  While I don’t want to give away anything about of challenge; I will say that if we were in the “easy” room then WHOA.  I consider myself a pretty smart girl, but we totally could have benefited from having a high school  or college student with us, ha!

In case you’re wondering….. WE ESCAPED!!!!  (and also, there was absolutely nothing scary about it.) We did it in about 53 minutes and we were proud of ourselves…until I saw that some teams did it in 30 minutes.  I bet they’d done it before.  Cheaters.

After we ESCAPED Zee celebrated with us by taking photos and giving us these decals that say "I ESCAPED" for bragging rights. I don't know what you get if you don't escape because we're not LOSERS.

After we ESCAPED Zee celebrated with us by taking photos and giving us these decals that say “I ESCAPED” for bragging rights. I don’t know what you get if you don’t escape because we’re not LOSERS.

We had such a great time!  Now that I reflect on it, there were several things that made this the perfect “Date”

  1. It wasn’t the standard “Dinner + Movie”. Don’t get me wrong.. I love dinner and a movie, but it was definitely nice to switch it up.
  2. It highlighted how good of a team we make. Granted, it had the potential to do the opposite! Thankfully, Glenn and I work well together and are all about #TeamYoung. If you’re in the early dating stage, this is a GREAT date simply because you’ll see quickly if the other person is a critical thinker, works well with others, has a short temper.You also won’t have to worry about getting too deep or saying the wrong thing, as you’re distracted with the game.
  3. We met new people. Being married for almost 10 years, when we are able to get out for a date- we often don’t have the opportunity to meet other people because we’re usually trying to only have those moments for ourselves. However, it was nice to have others around…besides I don’t think we would have escaped if it were just the two of us.

So.. do you have an Escape Game in your town?  Have you gone yet and more importantly, did you WIN?  What other things do you like to do for date night that are a little different from the typical date?



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