I think all women go through bouts of feeling under-appreciated.  When that feeling hits me, I usually turn inward, get quiet.  Even though I’m not yelling “NO ONE APPRECIATES ME!”, it’s usually obvious that something is wrong because my attitude isn’t the best…maybe even the worst. The last time I found myself feeling that way I got a RUDE wake up call from my own subconscious.  I don’t exactly remember what I was doing at the moment, but I’m sure I was thinking about all the things that I do for other people and with no reciprocity.  While that’s a Ryan Lochte sized exaggeration, I specifically the glaring thought: “SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SHOW OTHERS YOU APPRECIATE THEM, HUH??”  How dare she throw my own flaws back at me?  But once I was rational again, I realized the truth.  “Fine”, I thought, “I’ll make a commitment to do better.” I knew the perfect person to start with and there’s no time like the present.

Back in June, my husband returned home from a 6 month deployment from Iraq.  Just a couple of weeks after his return was Father’s Day and a week later was his 40th birthday.  June 2016 was a BIG deal for us to celebrate him and we did.  A few days before Father’s Day I was joking around that I wouldn’t be able to do much because I needed to work. His response kind of floored me. “Oh, I expected that…Dads get no love on Father’s Day.  At least not the same way Moms do”.   Of course, he was joking with me too, but it still made an impact on me. I thought I’d always made his birthdays and celebrations special, but maybe what I consider “special” isn’t exactly the same as what makes him FEEL special.

My husband’s love language is Words of Affirmation followed strongly by Quality Time.  He has this incredible knack for being able to spend quality time with each of us, collectively and individually.  I don’t know how he does it; it’s something I struggle with- making sure I’m attentive to each child individually.  So hearing him say that “Dads don’t get any love”, coupled with my need to show my peeps more appreciation was the perfect reason for an “Any Day” Celebration of my husband.

I called it Any Day simply because we shouldn’t have to wait for a birthday, anniversary or holiday to celebrate.  We can ensure that a person feels loved and appreciated ANY DAY and I like simple. I shared my idea with the kids, and they went to work making Dad cards and handwritten letters.  We cooked his favorite dinner, Pasta Fagioli, while he was away at work and set up the entry way so that it was the first thing he saw when he got home.

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We knew if we set up his gifts on this little table he’d see it as soon as he walked through the door.

One thing that Glenn and I have in common is that we’re not big on gifts.  Remember, his love language?  Well, Gifts is at the bottom of the list for both of us. BUT, I felt like his ANY DAY celebration needed something a little extra.  We wanted to give him something that represented what we loved about him.  In true Captain fashion (he’s my out of the box guy who literally thinks in metaphors), my son suggested we give him exactly what he gives us- HIS TIME.  A watch!  It was perfect because in the age of smartphones, he doesn’t have one.  We researched a few, but when we came across this incredible Jord men’s watch; we all quickly agreed it was the PERFECT gift!

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It looks great with anything! From his uniform to a suit.

They had so many styles and finishes…heck I was even checking out their women’s watch line (maybe we could match?!).  But when it came down to choosing we went with one he could easily wear with his uniform; the Ebony and Gold.  The idea of a wood watch was intriguing and unique.  I thought that it would be super noticeable that it wasn’t metal- but it actually isn’t noticeable at all.  It has a smooth finish.

Wooden Watches Men

Surprising him with his ANY DAY was so much fun- especially for the kids. Seeing his smile and astonishment, and more importantly how happy he was that did just a little extra to make him feel appreciated made US feel appreciated! You see, it’s not the act of buying a gift that’s measures love and appreciation, but the thought behind it.  You don’t have to be a military family to know just how valuable TIME is.  It is the most precious gift; and there’s never enough of it

He’s been sporting his watch since he got it last week!  He wears it to work, on the football field and everywhere in between.  Each time he looks at it, I hope he sees more than just a cool watch (and it IS a cool watch).  I hope he sees how much we appreciate him, all that he does and exactly who he is.  I hope he sees LOVE.

Here’s to many more “Any Days”!
Share below who you’re planning an “Any Day” celebration for!

*** This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches, but as always the thoughts, opinions and stories are my own.***



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