Yesterday I was on the phone with my best friend, Kelly, discussing the state of our businesses. She was giving me lots of reasons of why she wasn’t accomplishing one of her goals when I called her out on what I was hearing: a bunch of excuses. We ended the conversation with her ready to crush that goal, rather than accept the reasons why she couldn’t. This wasn’t the first time that we candidly called each other out and it won’t be the last.  Kelly gets onto me about SOMETHING every week…mostly working out.

This particular conversation caused me to reflect; thinking about what type of friends we need, and more importantly what type of friend we NEED TO BE. Of course, I immediately connected this to the type of friends that military spouses need (shout out to my MilSpos!), but the more I thought about it- NOPE. There are certain types of friends that we ALL need, especially when we become mothers.

The more I thought about it the friend types, the more I realized that your friends might fall in more than one of the categories. Every once in a while you hit the JACKPOT and get all 5 attributes in one person. When you find that; don’t ever ever let her go.  That being said, each friend is just as important and just as needed, no matter if she is explicitly one type or all five.

Your Fierce Five Friends

The “I Trust You With My Kids Life” Friend:
She’s a hard one to find, but as a Mom (especially for those of us that don’t live near family) once you find her you breathe a lot easier.  Funny enough, this friend doesn’t necessarily have kids herself, she’s just incredibly maternal.  If she doesn’t have kids, she probably does have a pet because she was born to be a caregiver.

This is the friend that you can call in an emergency and know without doubt she has your back.  She’s on your children’s school pick up list and knows where to find your Mom’s number if she ever needs it.  She knows that your children never eat a chocolate bar whole- they think you only eat one row at a time.  Okay, maybe that’s just my kids- but you get what I’m saying- she knows how quirky you are when it comes to your children.

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The Home Town Bestie:
This is the childhood friend with whom you spent Friday nights at the skating rink and more sleepovers than you can remember.  This is the friend that you choreographed a new dance for each new song that came out in the 90’s.  You may not talk to her as often as you’d like, but when you do get together to catch up over a glass of wine it’s like no time has passed at all.  Talking with her is instant nostalgia and each conversation leaves you saying “Why in the world don’t we do that more often?”  You don’t have to answer, because you already know: LIFE.  But your hearts are forever connected.

The “Perfect Couple” Friend:
No, her and her husband are not “Perfect”, but not only do you have a ton in common with her, your husbands have the same interests, love the same sports and they’re super chill.  Hanging out with them, whether it be going on a double date, vacationing together or having a game night in, is a breeze and there are no awkward moments.  See, it’s perfect!

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The Same Person Friend:
You finish each others thoughts and sentences, can have an entire conversation just by giving a side-eye glance and pretty much agree on everything.  There may be some minor differences (like she LOVES to work out and the only kind of fitness you’re in to is fitting this pizza into your belly), but you’re basically the same person.  You can call her up and be overtly petty and she won’t judge you…because she is equally as petty and would handle it the same way.  Laughter abounds in this friendship because no one else “gets you” quite like your #sameperson.

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Inspirational Friend:
This is the friend who inspires you to be better and do better.  Not in an envious way; but by being seeing her embrace who SHE is, you instantly want to be your best self.  She’s not throwing quotes and bible verses at you; she’s not TRYING to inspire you, she just does. She’s not striving for perfection, she’s on a quest for constant improvement mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She helps you think about things differently, gives you amazing advice that WORKS and is incredibly supportive in all you do.

So there you have it- the 5 friends that EVERY Mom needs!  Now, I’d love to hear… which of these friends are you?  You’ll probably find that you’re different type depending on the relationship.  That means you’re doing it right!  You’re able to tap into the many dynamics of what makes you unique!

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