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Most of my friends look forward to fall because of perfect weather, fall fashion, pumpkin spice everything and football.  Then- there’s me.  I look forward to fall because of the return of good TV.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all those other things (except pumpkin spice!), but the introvert in me is an unapologetic TV junkie, with ABC’s TGIT being my absolute favorite night on television.  Because: GIRL POWER.

Grey’s Anatomy.
How To Get Away With Murder.

All three shows led by incredibly powerful women.  So, I put the kids to bed, grab a bottle of Apothic Red wine, my favorite snack, park in front of the TV and grab my cell phone so that I can connect with my people on social media during commercials.  When news broke that Scandal’s lead, Kerry Washington, was expecting her second child and that Scandal wouldn’t return until January 2017, I broke out into straight panic.

“What’s fall TV without my favorite show…what kind of life is this?” I asked myself (I MIGHT have a tendency toward the dramatic, but it keeps you on your toes).

In an effort to curb my blues about Thursday nights, I heard rumblings of a new show, Notorious.  Then, by the grace of all that is Holy, I was able to preview the pilot episode before it premiered.

notorious, abc, cast, tgit

Y’all.  This show is SO GOOD.

It totally deserves its spot right smack in the middle of TGIT!  Of course, it keeps the momentum of strong women at the helm the show, with Piper Perabo cast as Julia George.  Julia is a powerhouse TV producer who essentially decides what is newsworthy.  While she’s surrounded by people trying to advance their career, it’s Julia who is the most powerful, and that’s why I’m drawn to her character and ultimately to the show.  While I’m a bit of a feminist, its an extremely well-rounded show. My husband watched  with me and proclaimed, “Okay, Notorious!  We’ll be watching on Thursdays.”

The show itself is different than its Thursday night ABC Counterparts, but the theme of drama and women in powerful positions is what makes it great TV and a great fit.  Oh, and there’s the funniest cougar ever, Louise Herrick.  Her antics alone are enough to tune in.

If you missed last week’s episode, you can watch it here on abc.com.

Tonight’s episode picks up where last week left off, as Oscar goes off the rails as Sarah’s funeral approaches, but Jake must defend him and shield him from the media even as tries to keep his feelings for Sarah in check. Meanwhile, Julia searches for Sarah’s brother to get the lowdown on a family quarrel; and a woman’s appearance on “Louise Herrick Live” could inadvertently provide clues in her baby’s kidnapping.

Watch Clip 1 of Episode 2
Watch Clip 2 of Episode 2

So… trust me when I tell you to have your wine and popcorn (or sliced apples and almond butter if you’re being good!) on deck tonight.

Notorious airs Thursdays at 9/8pm EST. Follow the cast on Twitter and join in the Live Tweets!  I’ll be on Twitter too, interacting with the cast and live tweeting at The Experience Life.






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