**Thank you to Sun Basket for allowing me to try their meal delivery service in exchange for an honest review of my experience! I enjoyed it so much, I’ve become an affiliate, which means links in this post are affiliate links.**

I’m sure you know someone, or maybe even YOU are the someone who has tried a home meal delivery service.  Personally, I haven’t set foot in a grocery store since I “discovered” the joy of ordering online and picking them up while I’m out getting the kids from school.  But this homemade meal delivery service is EVEN better.  Let me tell you about my new best friend, Sun Basket.
sunbasket, sun basket, delivery, food, meal, delivery, fresh food  Imagine going to pick up your online grocery order… only they’re already sorted by recipe.  Oh, and measured and labeled for you too.  AND you actually didn’t have to go pick it up because it was delivered cold, fresh and conveniently to your front door.  THIS IS REAL LIFE PEOPLE.  See?

There were a few reasons I chose Sun Basket over the other many options for home meal delivery.  I loved their commitment to using only the best ingredients- organic as much as possible and GMO-free.  I was impressed with their variety; different cuisines, Paleo, gluten-free and vegetarian meals.  There is truly something for everyone, and there’s no question that the ingredients you’re getting are super fresh  Don’t believe me?  Watch this video of my “Un-basketing” (like unboxing, but since it’s a Sun Basket… you get where I’m going).

Now, being a family of five and having so many friends that are military families (read: on a budget) the idea of ordering a meal delivery service is fantastic, but not always realistic financially.  Or maybe it’s just my family. I knew this wouldn’t be a weekly occurrence for us.  This service would be for fun “out of the box basket” ideas, and I chose meals based on fun 3 ideas:

Weekday Date Night In (Green Curry Shrimp with pan seared Bok Choy)
Lunch Meal Prep (Steak Fajitas with Radish-Cucumber Salsa)
Kids In The Kitchen (Fried Eggs with Spinach & Romesco with Mango-Matcha Smoothie)

Weekday Date Night In:
I couldn’t wait to dive into that Green Curry Shrimp!  In fact, just thinking about it now I’m craving it.  I’d asked Glenn to skip dinner, because I had a surprise for him after the kids were in bed.  He usually does their night routine (I take mornings), so while he was getting them down- I was getting busy in the kitchen. In less than 30 minutes I had a delicious Thai homemade meal set on the table.  TV off!  We had a gourmet, uninterrupted late dinner while we reconnecting.  It was lovely.  It was needed.  It was better than going out and paying a sitter, honestly.

shrimp, curry, sunbasket, date night in, spicy meal

Not shown in the picture- I decided to serve it over white rice just like when we go out for Thai. It stretched the meal so there were leftovers for the next day.

Pro Tip: The lime cuts down on the spice.  It was pretty spicy but the flavors literally burst on your taste-buds.  We couldn’t stop eating it!

Lunch Meal Prep:
One of the commitments I’ve made to myself is self care.  We wear so many hats, us women.  I often find myself forgetting to eat.  I’ll be in a zone working, and before you know it- it’s time to pick up the kids and I haven’t nourished my body.  So, I decided that I’d prep my lunch straight from my basket!  I made up the fajitas and stored it all in the fridge.  Every single day I had a delicious, hearty and HEALTHY meal waiting for me.  Things don’t change overnight, and during the week there were two days that I looked at the time and had 7 – 10 minutes to hop in the car to get to my boys school on time.  The difference was, this time in about 2 minutes, I had a tasty meal that kept me on plan!  AND, since it was tacos, I could totally eat it in the car rider line easily!

sunbasket, tex mex, fajitas, healthy lunchThe salsa was something I’d never have put together myself, but I loved the crunch and different flavor of the radish and cucumber, rather than my usual salsa on the fajitas.  All the fresh vegetables and cilantro made the fajita taste extremely fresh- because it was!

With corn tortillas, fresh veg and greek yogurt topping my steak fajitas, this was the perfect lunch.(Sidenote:  Did you know that Greek yogurt tastes EXACTLY like sour cream?  I learned that earlier this year.)

Cooking Class With The Kids:
With the older two kiddos at 13 and 10, it’s been on my agenda to make sure they’re both comfortable in the kitchen.  My daughter (the 13 year old) can bake, and cook a few things.  The Captain would love to cook, I just never invite him to do it with me…you know, because it’s easier to just get it done.  Now that he’s recently turned 10, I want to get him in the kitchen more often. For our third meal, I went with Fried Eggs with Spinach & Romesco and a green smoothie.  I knew this was a perfect place to start the Captain off- the ease of eggs and a smoothie that would get his attention!

sun basket, fried eggs, smoothie, matcha, cooking

Serving me my breakfast!

Because the items were pre-measured it was a great introductory lesson for him.  I let him take the recipe card, we laid out all the ingredients and I just let him have at it!  He did a great job, was super pleased with himself.  But more than that, we was excited to try the meal he made himself.

sun basket, meal, eggs, spinach, matcha smoothie

Look at that smile!

He’s a hard one to get to try new things…yet he had no issues digging into his fried eggs (when he usually opts for scrambled with hot sauce).  He was a bit skeptical about the Green Matcha Smoothie, but LOVED it.  The mango and maple gave it a perfect sweet note, but not overly sweet.

“I’m like a chef, Mom.  I did GOOOODDD!”.  Where Captain lacks an adventurous palette, he does not lack in words of affirmation to himself.  I’m definitely okay with his high self esteem.  It’s not like it wasn’t true!


So, as you can see…there are SO many ways you can incorporate a specialty box in your life.  It doesn’t have to be weekly and it doesn’t have to be “just” dinner.  Make it fun, interesting and something the whole family can enjoy!

I loved my experience with Sun Basket so much that I’ve decided to become an affiliate with them- which means savings for you!  Get $30 off your first purchase and plan your date night, cooking class or meal plan using Sun Basket!  Be sure to let me know which of these ideas you used your basket for!


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