The idea behind The Experience Life was set in motion by a conversation between the founder, Kia Young and her husband.  While going over ideas for Christmas gifts, she was FED UP with the idea of buying more plastic toys for her children…that they weren’t going to remember.  After going back and forth for a bit, together they made a decision to focus on gifts with MEANING.  For their family, that meant more vacations, exploring the town that they lived and gifts that were experiences over material objects.

That Christmas holiday, the kids got music lessons, theater tickets and other things that will help shape them as a person.  In talking to other Moms, we found that many of us are over the “stuff”.  We want the time that we spend together to be quality, memorable moments.  EVERYTHING can be an experience, from travel to cooking together, family fun nights and simple conversations. This is The Experience Life!

On the surface Kia is your everyday girl.  Wife to a stellar husband,  Mom to 3 Musketeers: Queen Llama (13), Captain Master-Builder (9) and RC (3).

Kia is a classic ambivert; a good mix of both intro and extrovert; which explains how she can be the life of the party one night, then need 3 days to recover in a quiet room reading a book to recharge. She also is totally obsessed with television, wine, the beach, cooking, Fixer Upper, Target, music, travel and sassy statement t-shirts.

When asked what she wants her greatest life accomplishment to be she says “I want the time we have on Earth, the 5 of us…. to leave an imprint, to give and to receive it all back in beautiful memories.  I want to raise kind and loving children, with a servant heart. I don’t, however, want to craft.  At all.  Talk about boring me to tears, but I adore those who do it and make it look easy!”

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