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I am the proud founder of The Experience Life. In addition to this website,  I have been published with “The Mighty”,  a content creator for and in the process of finishing my first fiction novel, Another Chance.

Writing has always been an amazing outlet for me and it is truly what makes me happy.  I would love to be a guest blogger or guest speaker at your event.  Topics that I am passionate about writing and speaking include:

*Domestic Violence
*Confidence Crisis in Women and Girls
*Military Life
*Raising Children with Special Needs
*Down Syndrome Awareness
*Cultural Unity
*Being Unapologetically YOU
*The Experience Life Movement
*Working From Home
*Success in Direct Sales

While reading my work, if you feel I would be a good fit for a topic not listed above- please reach out!  I am pretty flexible and love supporting any way that I can.

If you’d like to discuss a collaboration, please contact me via email at


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